How does cross-contamination occur?

“Give me a loaf of bread, 500 g of sugar, a packet of detergent powder, and a bar of baby soap.” Now you may be wondering who this guy is coming for. Let’s find out.

Cross-contamination of food

The main purpose of this article is, as I said in my previous article, “Is your refrigerator like this?” Explain the cross-contamination mentioned with examples. Maybe this word is new to you, but it is something you often experience in everyday life. The above is an opportunity for you to experience it. What is abuse? We return to the example above.
When you request goods from the store in this way, you will get all these items in one polythene bag. What do you think? Can you put all these items in the same polythene bag? It is totally unacceptable. Here, pounds of bread and soap cubes touch. Sunlight and baby soap cubes are highly fragrant. After a while, that aroma is absorbed into the loaf of bread. Then when you eat bread, you will taste the taste of soap. Do you agree with me? I have experienced it myself.

Now it is clear to you what unintentional abuse is. Simply put, food is misused by another food or non-food substance. Furthermore, microorganisms such as bacteria/viruses that have been abused in a food, surface, or device can move to another food. Also, as I mentioned in the example above, this abuse also involves the transformation of the odor, taste, etc. of a non-food substance into a food substance.

Main types of contamination.

Now you may think that food can be consumed with a non-food substance, but how can food be consumed with food. The answer to that was also mentioned in my previous article and I hope to show you some more examples here for your further understanding.

There are three main types of food that can be abused.

  1. contamination of food by food
  2. Food contamination by humans
  3. Consumption of non-food items or equipment

1. Contamination of food by food

This is the worst abuse and can be caused by microorganisms such as bacteria in one food, especially in cooked food, especially uncooked food.

Cross-contamination in fridge

2. Food contamination by humans

Food is also consumed by humans and the following are some examples.

Food contamination

3. Consumption of food by non-food items or equipment

Food can also be wasted by cooking utensils (such as knives/cutting boards) and cutting boards.

No doubt you have a clear understanding of what constipation is, so you will naturally have an understanding of how to prevent this constipation. Thus simply explaining how to prevent food abuse,

Then regular food intake will be avoided.


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