5 on your diet myths

From then until today, there are a lot of myths about food.
The main purpose of this article is to analyze 5 of them and give you a correct idea of the misconceptions you have.

Myth 01: Is regular coffee drinking unhealthy?

Did you know that if you drink more than two cups of coffee a day, you risk your life?

Excessive coffee consumption increases heart rate and blood pressure. Coffee is a stimulant. Therefore, drinking coffee near bedtime can cause sleep disorders. But drinking one or two cups of coffee a day does not cause such negative health problems, and it is actually good for the body. If you do not use sugar or milk when drinking coffee, it is a naturally low-calorie drink and helps to increase energy without calories. Coffee contains a very important antioxidant, which helps prevent cancer. So you have a responsibility to avoid overindulgence and reap the rewards.

Myth 02: Whether the liquid contained in canned fish is suitable for consumption. . ??

Canned fish products contain a mixture of oil, salt, water, and spices. This is called a brine solution. There is a myth that consuming the solution of this bile causes the bones to rot. It is believed that this condition is caused by the consumption of fish bones, especially those contained in canned fish. But this mixture does not contain any liquid that can cause such bone decay. Therefore, bone decay does not occur by consuming the liquid mixture in canned fish or by consuming the fish bones contained in canned fish.

Myth 03: Is it good to eat more fruit often ??

Are fruit eat often healthy?

Fruits are rich in minerals such as vitamin C and potassium (K). Eating fruit after a meal makes it easier to digest. However, those who consume fruits as a meal may develop a condition such as gastritis, which is exacerbated if they are already infected. This is because the citric acid content of the fruit increases the acidity of the stomach. Also, nutritionists believe that eating certain fruits can cause some complications. For example, eating too many bananas may increase the risk of a heart attack. However, the potassium (K) salts in it interfere with the activity of the heart muscle. It’s not just that you don’t want anything too much.

Myth 04: Is the nutritional value of pasteurized milk low?

food myths -about milk

Pasteurization is used as an important food safety measure in the dairy process and does not cause any change in the nutritional value of the milk. In pasteurization, High-Temperature-Short-Time is used. That is, it gives a temperature of 72oC in as little as 15 seconds.

Pasteurized milk has a natural source of nutrients, such as calcium (Ca), protein, riboflavin, vitamin B12, iodine (I), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), which have a variety of health benefits. There is no advice that consuming fresh milk is safe for health. This is because the risks outweigh the benefits and benefits that have yet to be proven.

Myth 05: Does every egg contain life?

Some point out that the main reason for avoiding egg consumption is that there is life in every egg and that “every egg can have an organism after hatching.” According to a hen’s body cycle, an egg is laid every 26 hours, which occurs even without fertilization by the sperm of a male animal.

A hen (commercial layers) used for consumption in the egg industry is genetically engineered to lay eggs, whether male or female. Therefore, hens used in the egg production industry do not breed with male hens as they are not fertilized with the sperm of a male animal. Therefore, even if the farm keeps the eggs, the chicks cannot be obtained from them.

Don’t get myths about someone created. If you don’t know about it please refer anything you can give a true reason. Then you can be free from food myths and create a healthier life.


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