Radish: Do you love to know the properties?


The properties of radish Have you ever had to tell someone about something you don’t like to eat and its value in a way that makes you want to eat it? Or have you ever seen someone else do that? If you have not actually experienced such a thing, keep in mind that this is […]

Diet control myths: Do you love to know that?

Diet myths

Are you trying to control your diet too ?? Everyone wants to lose weight fast and keep it up and they are often tempted to look for fast and easy and short ways to lose weight in the hope of immediate results. Different people are introduced to different types of diet recipes for weight loss […]

Food Myths: Is labeled apple good or bad?

Synthetic wax on apple

Is it true that it is not good to eat apples brought from abroad? “To preserve imported apples, preservatives are injected into the apples and a label is affixed so that the place where the label is affixed rots immediately.” This is one of the most common misconceptions in the world today. In particular, Asian […]

Refrigerator: Do you know how to use it properly?

The spell to keep Refrigerator in order...

Is your refrigerator like this .. ?? There is a misconception in society today that simply storing food in the refrigerator ensures the safety of the food. Of course, there is no truth in that, and the moisture in the refrigerator has the potential to survive very well for some bacteria in the cold environment. […]

Myths: the most famous 5 myths about food with an explanation

Food myths

5 on your diet myths From then until today, there are a lot of myths about food.The main purpose of this article is to analyze 5 of them and give you a correct idea of the misconceptions you have. Myth 01: Is regular coffee drinking unhealthy? Did you know that if you drink more than […]

Eating habits: Do you know people have many bad eating habits?


5 questions you have about diet and eating habits We have doubts about some of the eating habits we have in our daily lives. Would it be better to do so? Is it healthy? There are many such problems. In this article, 5 simple problems that we often have are explained in a simple and […]

Corona vs. tea: A scientific explanation of the fake story

corona and tea

Corona and tea? Is this story true? A scientific explanation If you have been surfing on social media since this morning, you will see that there are many posts and articles saying that corona is good with tea. All of that was posted on the CNN news section. But have we ever seen one on […]

Mono-Sodium Glutamate: Is good for your health?

Is MSG good or BAD?

Is everything you think about the food you eat right ?? Food provides the energy needed to sustain an organism’s body functions. Food types, food consumption, eating habits, food-based cultural practices, etc. vary from country to country, region to region, and religion to religion. Similarly, opinions about food changed in this way. Some opinions are […]