Come and roam spicy world

As an Asian person, I love spices and spicy food. I know many people enjoy spicy food. However, some people are unable to take even a half-teaspoon of spice. Asians are at the forefront in terms of spice cultivation and use in food. So, I think I am lucky to be an Asian.

Any dried component of a plant other than the leaves that are used for seasoning, flavoring, or coloring a dish is called a spice in the culinary arts. The major component isn’t them, although they’re an important part of the dish. Seeds, fruits, roots, barks, or other plant substances are primarily used as spices. Leaves are not considered a spice. Because the green leafy parts of plants used in this way are considered herbs. Because the green leafy parts of plants used in this way are considered herbs.

Kings of spicy world

Spices are produced mostly by Asian nations, mainly by the Bengalis. Because of this, Asia is the world’s leading spice producer. The rising popularity of ethnic cuisines and the closeness of Asian nations to the West are the driving forces behind the spice business. They may thrive under these two circumstances. Indians are now the world’s biggest consumers of spices and the top producers and exporters of them. They even created the Indian Institute of Spices Research, devoted to their study of them.

Aristocracy, good health, immunity, and excitement are all connected with spices. In addition, experts have shown for years that they are a substantial source of nutrition and medicine. According to the WHO, 80 percent of the world’s population relies on traditional medicines based on this.

I expect to introduce many spices and more recipes with them further in the articles.


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