Which rice has the lowest glycemic index?


Rice and Glycemic Index: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Healthy Choices Rice is a versatile and widely consumed staple food, but its impact on blood sugar levels is an important consideration. This article provides a comprehensive overview of rice varieties and their glycemic index (GI). And also measures how carbohydrates affect blood glucose levels. Understanding […]

Understanding the science of Food Cravings

The Science of Food Craving

The Science of Food Cravings: Understanding the Physiology and Psychology Behind Our Desire for Certain Foods, and Strategies for Overcoming Them Food cravings are intense desires for specific foods, often high in sugar, salt, and fat. They are a common experience, and research suggests that around 97% of women and 68% of men report experiencing […]

Preservation: Is this helpful in preventing food from spoiling?

Food preservation involves treating and handling food to prevent spoiling and decay while maintaining quality and safety. Food preservation preserves food for subsequent consumption. History The history of food preservation can be traced back to ancient times, when people began to find ways to preserve food for times of scarcity and to make it more […]

Artificial preservatives: The most commonly used preserving method

Food preservatives are substances or compounds added to food to prevent spoilage and extend its shelf life. They work by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that can cause food to go bad. Moreover, Food preservatives include vinegar, citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, and sodium nitrite. In this article, we discuss […]

Packaging labels on food products are important or not?

This is for food packaging label

Do you know the value of a packaging label? Have you ever bought a packaged food product from the market and read the label on it ?? At least how long can we keep the product? In short, have you even looked at the expiration date .. ?? A lot of people don’t really do […]

Food Myths: Is labeled apple good or bad?

Synthetic wax on apple

Is it true that it is not good to eat apples brought from abroad? “To preserve imported apples, preservatives are injected into the apples and a label is affixed so that the place where the label is affixed rots immediately.” This is one of the most common misconceptions in the world today. In particular, Asian […]

Is Eating A Low-fat Diet Good For The Body? ”

Low-fat food

Is eating a low-fat diet good for the body? There is a growing misconception in society today that low-fat diets are good for your health and high-fat diets are bad for your health. There is no truth in that, and the first thing to say is that not all low-fat foods are healthy foods. Take, […]

Cross-contamination: Do you like to know how it occurs?

Do you concern about what you eat??

How does cross-contamination occur? “Give me a loaf of bread, 500 g of sugar, a packet of detergent powder, and a bar of baby soap.” Now you may be wondering who this guy is coming for. Let’s find out. The main purpose of this article is, as I said in my previous article, “Is your […]

Myths: the most famous 5 myths about food with an explanation

Food myths

5 on your diet myths From then until today, there are a lot of myths about food.The main purpose of this article is to analyze 5 of them and give you a correct idea of the misconceptions you have. Myth 01: Is regular coffee drinking unhealthy? Did you know that if you drink more than […]

Corona vs. tea: A scientific explanation of the fake story

corona and tea

Corona and tea? Is this story true? A scientific explanation If you have been surfing on social media since this morning, you will see that there are many posts and articles saying that corona is good with tea. All of that was posted on the CNN news section. But have we ever seen one on […]